NETWORKING – Just like driving a car...

- Thursday, February 23, 2017

In order to become a proficient, capable driver we go through a learning process.

It is often a case of one step forward and two steps backwards as we “kangaroo hop” our way through the lessons.

When we are on our “L” plates we are new, eager to take instruction and we have lots to learn! Navigating the traffic and learning all the road rules is exciting and challenging.

When we have completed the hours in our log book and we pass our test, we are then on our “P” plates and guess what... This is when we actually really learn to drive and improve our technique!

Here we tend to face situations that we are familiar with and others that are “hairy scary” and we well and truly remember our learnings here...

After a considerable time (several years on our P Plates) we finally qualify for our full licence. By this stage, we are better drivers and more able to cope with the curve balls that we encounter on our travels, as we utilize the tried and tested techniques practiced over time

There are considerable analogies between Driving and Networking

“L” Platers..
New networkers are keen and eager to learn. They are nervous and inexperienced and soak up all the knowledge offered to them

“P” Platers
They are learning the ropes and how it feels to be thrown a curve ball and have no idea how to respond to a question or comment. They start to enjoy their networking and their confidence increases and nerves decrease. They are however still in a steep learning curve

“Seasoned Networkers”
They pretty much know the ropes and can cope in most situations. They still have the occasional “I have no idea what to say or do moment” and still have times and events when it just doesn’t all go to plan...

Rules (ways to network) change and they need to learn these, take them on board and “get behind the wheel again”

Bev Barnfather
Network Mentoring Coach


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