It’s a Wrap

Adeelle Judilla - Thursday, May 04, 2017

The box was beautiful; glossy red with elegant grosgrain ribbon. It sat in the middle of the desk in glorious solitude, protected by an aura of importance...and the whole office was agog, just “dying” to know what was in it.

When it arrived, the personal assistant, a guerrilla warfare trained gatekeeper whose vigilance put the Secret Service to shame, and who usually opened every item addressed to her boss with impunity, was not game to open it. The wrapping simultaneously shrieked “Personal, important and don’t touch me!” But the two days while her boss was away was an agony of anticipation. When he returned there was a chorus of “for God’s sake will you just open the box”....and yes it was one of ours.   

The right wrapping adds presence and creates a sense of anticipation. It adds value, often way out of proportion to the cost of the wrapping. Wrapping need not be expensive, creativity shows care, but it does need to create a sense expectation.

The trick is to think about the person you are giving the gift to. If they are environmentally minded they will appreciate recycled wrapping, such as bows made from old shopping bags (see left). Grandparents will love wrapping made from a grandchild’s painting (helpful if your child is a Van Gogh prodigy) and gifts to teens wrapped in old maps or sheet music will earn you the rarely bestowed moniker “cool”.

Corporate gifts need to be wrapped beautifully and professionally as it is a reflection of your business. Be cautious about the ubiquitous raffia baskets covered in shrink wrap or cellophane as they may not pass the courier test and can arrive looking tatty. Check that your gift supplier uses an outer box to protect the inner wrapping.


Beautiful wrapping is effort and care translated to tangible form; it embodies the spirit of giving.

Yours in gifts worth giving



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