Financial Update 6 March 2017

Kerryn Daly - Monday, March 06, 2017


Foundations of cash flow [webinar]

Tuesday 14th March - 1.00pm AEDT

Cash flow is critically important to every business. In this webinar, our cash flow experts will provide you with a simple, yet practical model that will help you gain a better understanding of how cash flows through your business. We will also focus on where cash can hide within a business, and how to free up that cash within the cash flow cycle.

This 30-45 minute interactive webinar will focus on building cash flow management ability within your business, with particular emphasis on how to get cash flowing smoothly.

Special Event for International Women's Day [webinar]

Wednesday 15th March - 1.00pm AEDT

A very special guest will speak with us on this years theme of "Be bold for change!" More details to come soon.

Investing in Property: Foundations [webinar]

Thursday 16th March - 1.00pm AEDT

Investing in property is one way of achieving your goal of increasing wealth but as with any investment it comes with a level of risk attached. If you’re considering investing in property it pays to understand the pros and cons.

This 30-45 minute interactive webinar takes you through the first steps in property investment from understanding what drives the property market to key risk considerations and more.


Weekly Economic Update 27 February 2017 [article]

See what is in Westpac’s weekly economic update covering key issues, data releases and previews plus Westpac’s economic & financial forecasts and follow the links to the article.

Lower returns, but commercial property a sound investment in 2017 [article]

With continued uncertainty over the direction of alternative investments, investors are still likely to favour the secure income available from commercial property this year.

Business and personal: Why the two should never mix [article]

They say you should never mix your business life with your personal life. While this advice is often ignored in relationships, it's also frequently overlooked in terms of finances.

What makes good client service? [article]

Companies are finding it increasingly difficult to set their service offering apart, but law firm Lander & Rogers is using novel methods to do exactly that.

Westpac foreign exchange news – 3 March [video]

Sean Callow expects the A$ to trade in a range of US $0.7500 to US $0.7650 next week.

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