Financial Update 19 JUNE 2017

Adeelle Judilla - Monday, June 19, 2017


Purchasing business assets. [webinar]

Tuesday 27th June - 1.00pm AEST

Growing businesses will generally need more assets but a common dilemma for many business owners is “When is the right time to buy these assets?” Underutilisation of equipment is costly, but so is losing customers because we can’t fulfil their needs due to a lack of the right equipment. This dilemma can be reduced somewhat by understanding what drives the need for assets, how they will support the business in generating income or efficiencies, and what are the key considerations when buying and funding your business assets.

This 30-45 minute interactive webinar will provide you with valuable insights that can assist you when faced with the need to purchase more business assets.

7 financial tips for NFP's. [webinar]

Wednesday 28th June - 1.00pm AEST

As demand increases for the services provided by many not-for-profit organisations, and funding becomes harder to come by, it’s becoming more and more imperative for organisations to improve their financial management. This webinar covers 7 tips that can help organisations become more financially sustainable.

Investing in Property: Measuring returns. [webinar]

Thursday 29th June - 1.00pm AEST

A key aspect of investing in property is being able to quantify the return you are achieving on your investment, and to make informed decisions about where you invest your money.

This 30-45 minute interactive webinar addresses how to measure the return being made on an investment property so comparisons can then be made with other investment opportunities.


Westpac’s Weekly Economic Update[article]

Westpac’s weekly economic update video, and what is in the print version covering key issues, data releases and previews plus Westpac’s economic & financial forecasts.

Top of its game[article]

Now that the Australian cotton industry has built a world-beating fibre supply chain, it’s time to share its brand story.

Consumer Sentiment Index – June 2017[article]

Sentiment declines on financial pressures, economic concerns.

How to fund your business [article]

Keeping your business afloat can be a full-time job in itself. But when it comes to securing funding and maintaining a healthy cash flow, some careful planning and preparation now can reap significant rewards later.

Westpac foreign exchange news – 16 June [video]

Martina Song expects the A$ to trade within the US$0.7550 to 0.7650 range in the week ahead.

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