Financial Update 05 JUNE 2017

Adeelle Judilla - Monday, June 05, 2017


Managing growth. [webinar]

Tuesday 13th June - 1.00pm AEST

Growth in sales and profit is often seen as the primary goal for any business. However, when a business experiences growth, they quite often find that it is unmanageable and can cause significant cash flow concerns.

This 30-45 minute webinar addresses the challenge of growing sales and profit in a way that is sustainable. It is easy to follow, practical, and offers tips and tools to identify, understand and manage the risks and financial requirements of growth.

Financial Foundations: Borrowing. [webinar]

Thursday 15th June - 1.00pm AEST

Borrowing money can enhance your lifestyle or increase your investment opportunities. Using credit wisely can help us to get ahead however if not managed well it can have a negative impact on your financial future.

This 30-45 minute interactive webinar looks at how to borrow well and to keep the credit we’re using manageable to ensure its helping not hindering us in achieving our life goals.


Westpac’s Weekly Economic Update[article]

Westpac’s weekly economic update video, and what is in the print version covering key issues, data releases and previews plus Westpac’s economic & financial forecasts.

Westpac foreign exchange news – 4 November [video]

Robert Rennie expects the current weakness in the A$ to continue into next week.


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